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Time management solutions

Welcome to Ouch!

We are more than a little obsessed with time. We have dedicated our lives to helping companies be on time, manage absenteeism and save money.

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Fan Favourite, the messenger

A fixed clocking system that is a firm favourite amongst the fans. If you are under the impression that you don’t know any celebrities - think again. This unit likes the spotlight and promises to fascinate with a star studded performance.

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the messenger portable

Pick of the Bunch, the messenger Portable

Truly the pick of the bunch – our charming portable purple clocking unit. It is not only our pride and joy, but also a top seller in its range. You won’t find a better or more passionate partner than this nifty unit right here.

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Faithfully Funky, the messenger-i

A fixed clocking unit that is both faithful and funky. You can always rely on this fantastic machine to rock it out at your company. If you should feel the need for a standing ovation, we won’t blame you one bit! Give it a stage and it will deliver an encore every time!

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the messenger
the messenger portable

Pioneering Genius, the messenger-i Portable

This portable pioneering clocking system will put the genius in employee management. Prepare to be a leader; the first; the early bird in your industry with this thrilling piece of technology. Get the conversations around the water cooler going - this one is a trend setter!

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100% Cloud based

Our system is 100% cloud based which means you can access your account from anywhere in the world. Now isn't that super convenient?

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